Give a gift on behalf of a loved one in the form of a tribute or memorial.


Consider giving a gift to celebrate those special moments – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations – in lieu of traditional gifts.

When you make a memorial/honor gift, we will send a handwritten card to the persons you want us to notify, informing them of this special tribute (the amount of the gift is not mentioned).


If you would like to leave us a tribute or memorial gift, please include a note with the person you would like to honor as well as any person(s) that you would like for us to send an acknowledgement letter.


Tributes and Memorials should be sent to: 


Tributes and Memorials

200 Main Street, Suite 210

Pawtucket, RI  02860

All donors that give a gift of $20 or higher will receive a tax acknowledgement letter within a matter of weeks from the day the gift is received.